Fossil smartwatch

Are you interested in fossil smartwatch? Then, you may have many questions regarding those smart tools. Which fossil smartwatch is the best one? Can I text using it? Is it waterproof? These are some common questions that people have. So, we are going to provide you some details here, and we hope it will be helpful to decide your purchasing.

Which is the best fossil smartwatch?

It will depend on certain factors such as the nature of the user, the value or the purpose of usage, etc. It means fossil smartwatch provide you many options whatever the purpose is.

  • Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle can be considered as the watch, which has the best overall performance.
  • Gen 4 Venture has the best value.
  • Gen 5 Julianna is best for fashion
  • The best hybrid watch is Fossil Commuter.
  • Sport is best for fitness.

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle

Gen 5 Carlyle is very stylish, and it has a lightweight. So, it will attract your mind quickly. You can buy this fossil watch at a price like $295. It includes 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, and snapdragon 3100. But it has some issues too. The screen of Gen 5 Carlyle is not bright enough in daylight. This watch has an AMOLED display, which is in vibrant mode.

As well as that, Gen 5 Carlyle includes NFC for your payments. If you need a fitness tracker, your new fossil smartwatch will help you in that case.

Gen 5 Carlyle

Fossil Gen 4 Venture

Fossil Gen 4 Venture is also a stylish tool. It has a solid build. This fossil smartwatch is available to buy at $179. It is water-resistant and provides GPS facilities too. But it includes a processor that is much older, and it just has 512MB RAM. Moreover, the lifetime of the battery is lower.

Additionally, this smartwatch includes 3 ATM water resistance. So, the device is safe from water. If you are a person who loves a watch with a stylish appearance at a reasonable price, Fossil Gen 4 Venture will be your best selection.

Gen 4 Venture

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna comes with a beautiful style, and it is a unique type. It includes a speaker and a microphone. The smartwatch costs $295. But the battery does not last for many hours. So, it is not in an efficient level. On the other hand, the display is not bright enough in sunlight.

Even so, Fossil Gen 5 Julianna comes with 2 case styles and three button layouts. It offers you 1GB RAM and snapdragon 3100.

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna

Fossil Commuter

Fossil Commuter is much different than other fossil smartwatches. You do not need to recharge it because it includes a CR2430 battery. It comes with a classic look and three buttons. Those buttons play a significant role here because they allow performing programmable functions.

Additionally, all interactions with this fossil smartwatch will be done by them because the watch does not have a touch screen. This is the most cheaper fossil smartwatch on our list. It costs only $78. Fossil Commuter helps you to track your steps and the sleep you get. Briefly, this smartwatch provides many benefits for a small price.

Fossil Commuter

Fossil Sport

Fossil Sport is famous for its super lightweight. It provides you a lot of color options. This fossil smartwatch consists of a snapdragon 3100 processor. Heart rate tracking, GPS facilities, and 5 ATM water-resistant are the other useful features that we can see in fossil sport. While it gives such benefits for its users, it has a small disadvantage too. Fossil Sport has only 512MB RAM.

Fossil Sport


Reasons To Buy Fossil

Reasons To Buy Fossil

Can I text with fossil smartwatch?

Yes! Now you can buy brand new updated fossil smartwatches with developed features. It includes many useful functions that are available on smartphones these days. Even you left your phone at home. It won’t create big trouble for you because you can use your favorite apps using this fossil smartwatch now.

In addition, you can use the speaker and microphone too. But how do they provide the messaging facility? The software can copy your Google account. That’s how the watch offers this opportunity to send and receive messages when it is connected to WIFI.

Are fossil smart watches waterproof?

Fossil smartwatches are famous for their stylish design. Some companies offer waterproof fossil smartwatches, but it is just a marketing purpose.

Moreover, fossil does not offer waterproof smartwatches. They are water-resistant! So, these fossil smartwatches will work even they are wet. But ensure that the seal is not broken. So, be careful when you open the watch to replace the battery. It is better to ask a well-trained person’s advice before the replacement. If you want to know the safety of the smartwatch, check it using a water pressure testing machine.

Indeed, the way you are wearing the Fossil smartwatch will determine the abilities to protect the watch from the water. At 100 meters, the user of the watch can wear it while he or she is swimming.

Are all these fossil smartwatch water-resistant?

In short, all fossil smartwatches are not water-resistant. But most of the time, the producers design it as a water-resistant smartwatch. As we mentioned above, these types of smartwatches are so attractive because of their stylish designs. Before you are purchasing such a watch, be aware of selecting a water-resistant product too.

Are fossil smartwatch worth it?

If we compare the competitive smartwatches, the answer to the above question should be ‘yes.’ Because these fossil smartwatches provide their customers with a great product with great features, fossil smartwatches have different categories that have the ability to satisfy everyone’s purposes. You may look for a smartwatch as a fashion accessory. Otherwise, you may select a smartwatch that best suits your activities related to sports. Whatever the purpose is, there is the best fossil product available for you! So, it is worth buying them.

In contrast to the lower price, they offer the best quality smartwatch for their customers.



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