Letscom Fitness Tracker
Letscom Fitness Tracker

What is this Letscom Fitness Tracker?

This is not a popular brand compared to Fitbit, but Letscom Fitness Tracker is also a great product that provides many useful features! In brief, it is a Bluetooth tracking bracelet that comes with an affordable price rate. This bracelet is made of rubber or silicone. As well as that, various color replacement for bands (orange/purple/green/black) is available in the market. So, you have the chance to select your device with your favorite color too.

This device includes two buttons physically. They are on the left and the right side of it. The left button works as the home button. Furthermore, it pauses and stops timed activities using that button. When you need to turn on the bracelet, use the other switch.
Besides, you will receive a basic display with this device. So, you won’t face any matter while reading your fitness stats on the screen.

Letscom Fitness Tracker
Letscom Fitness Tracker

How to use Letscom Fitness Tracker?

  • The device can be removed from the rubber band. It has its own USB connection too. To charge the device, just plug it to a USB port.
  • When you are using it for the first time, charge it before the usage. It will take nearly an hour to be fully charged. Then, go to the Google Play or iTunes Store to download the LETSFIT app. You do not need to worry as the app is free of charge. After downloading the app, you must turn on the Bluetooth and pair the device, which is in the app.
  • At this time, it will sync the details from the tracker to the app for a few seconds. You won’t need to do anything even you noticed the time and date are wrong in the tracker because it will be updated with the Bluetooth.
  • You can tap or swipe to use functions because of the OLED touch screen included.
  • Run the app set up to set the details of your age, height, weight, gender, and sleep targets.
  • To go to the settings, swipe right on the screen. Then, settings for a flashlight, turning off notifications, find phone feature and do not disturb mode will appear.
  • You can manually adjust the brightening level. There are 3 level options for you.
  • Swipe up to get the details of steps, calories, and distance.
  • There is a facility called eco mode for the battery. It helps to extend battery life.
  • In addition to this, we have mentioned the details that would be useful for you, such as the pros, cons, and essential features of this Letscom Fitness Tracker.

Pros and Cons

Most of the people had posted positive comments regarding this Letscom Fitness Tracker. So, it means the features of this product have created happy customers.
However, let’s have a simple idea about the pros and cons.


  1. The perfect feature is its long-lasting battery life. So, it does not need to charge daily, and it has a high speed of charging the battery quickly. The battery life will last for more than four days. But this may change according to the usage.
  2. The device comes with a responsive OLED touch screen.
  3. It will support android 4.4 or above and IOS 7.1 or above.
  4. This is a water-resistant product, and it will be comfortable to wear.
  5. It includes a heart rate monitor that is capable of doing its duty for 24 hours. Moreover, it monitors sleep quality, calories, sync date and time, etc.
  6. Discreet vibration when you are receiving calls and text messages.
    Clear screen.


  1. The connection is poor between devices.
  2. The screen is not bright enough to use at outdoor.
  3. The display turns off after 3 seconds. So, you have to tap the device every 3 seconds. Otherwise, it will get dark.
    It includes an HR sensor, but it is not precise.

How much is Letscom Fitness Tracker?

If you have searched this product to buy online, you may see a different price rate. So, they have labeled different prices based on the product’s features. In conclusion, you will be able to buy a brand new Letscom Fitness Tracker at a cost of $29.

Why should you buy Letscom Fitness Tracker?

When you are using this device, you won’t get the money you paid for this product as a wastage. It is a valuable tool and a perfect budget option too. Therefore, it will best suit people who are seeking smart fitness bands with an affordable price.

Letscom Fitness Tracker allows you to use handy features. You won’t get a chance to use such features in devices within this price range.

Heart Rate Accuracy

According to the customer’s comments, many people have got good results from the heart rate sensor. Have a bike ride, and check the results. Letscom Fitness Tracker is doing a great job with this feature. If you compare this device with other tools, you will notice it.

GPS Accuracy

The tracker uses GPS from your smartphone. So, go cycling or hiking and improve your fitness. Letscom Fitness Tracker will be there for you to calculate your fitness stats, and it won’t allow you to be lost anywhere because you have the opportunity to use GPS and find your exact location.

Step Tracking

There is not any device that is capable of providing the 100% accurate calculation for step tracking. Letscom Fitness Tracker will give you a good idea about the total steps you had.


As we mentioned earlier. Letscom Fitness Tracker allows you to receive notifications. It will show them from your phone, and it can store up to 10 warnings. Swipe down the screen to access those notifications. Furthermore, you can delete them using this device too.

Other Features

In contrast, Letscom Fitness Tracker includes the facilities to provide you these features too. They are music controller, alarm, timer, flashlight, etc. when you are using the music controller; you must start the music using your smartphone. Then, you can do other things such as pause, go back and forward using the watch.

Notably, the following activities be monitored in this device.

Dynamic cycling


If you are interested in purchasing a product under $50, Letscom Fitness Tracker will be the best choice for you! Because it provides you many useful facilities for a very low price. Only sleep tracking will make you disappointed here.
Altogether, this won’t make you dissatisfied.

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