kids smart watch

What are these Kids Smart Watch? In simple words, it is an alternative for a smartphone that provides you all the facilities as same as on a cellphone. If you are searching for something to present your little kid, this will be an excellent gift for him or her!

First, we are going to mention why you should buy a smartwatch for them. Will it be a pricking tool for the kids? You may doubt it, and it is not unfair. So, let’s discuss about that factor by examining the benefits of using these watches.

What are the benefits of using kids smart watch?

kids smart watch
kids smart watch

Peace of mind

These smartwatches cannot protect the kids physically. That’s true! But they have included GPS trackers. So, it will help you to keep in touch with the place where do they play.

The perfect way to play

This does not mean that the kids must play with electronic devices instead of playing outside. A smart watch is an excellent tool for the parents when they need to keep the kids inside the home for security issues or at lousy weather etc.

It is a learning tool

You can download and install your favorite apps on your smart watch. So, select educational apps or learning games. It will be an easier and attractive way to study those educational principles with this gadget.

It is a smart gift

Present your kid a smart gift at an affordable price. It provides you many facilities even the price is very cheaper.

Perfect communication

This is much better than giving your kid a smartphone. You can make calls or send messages to him.

Why should you search for parental control when buying a kids smart watch?

Because it is a limitation for certain activities. Parents can keep their kids away from playing games for too much time, it provides limited access for communication, and it has restrictions for using the internet also. So, this is a very important facility. When you are purchasing a smartwatch for your kid, be aware of this function too.

kids smart watch

Best kids smart watch

There are many types of smartwatches available for kids to buy. They include different facilities and options. That’s why you must make a selection here. For instance, your kid may prefer to buy a watch with more capacity to provide him the entertainment instead of using learning apps. So, read this list and find the best watch that satisfies your mind.

01.Garmin VIVOFIT JR 2

  • Garmin VIVOFIT JR 2 costs $45
  • This smartwatch includes many functions except GPS. Garmin VIVOFIT JR 2 is water resistance too.
  • The battery of the watch will last for one year (yes! the usage of it will affect the time period)
  • The parents are given the ability to monitor via mobile
  • The screen is customizable. The watch is suitable to wear at both day and night.


  • FITBIT ACE costs $70. So, this is much expensive than Garmin VIVOFIT JR 2
  • This smart watch is famous as a fitness tracker. It tracks the steps daily and gives you rewards for achieving the established goals.
  • It is water-resistant and does not include GPS facilities. The face of the watch contains ten clock designs. So, you can make choices among them
  • FITBIT ACE syncs with both android and iOS
  • The battery lasts for five days. Therefore, it is better to wear when you are going to school. No need to charge again and again during the school days
  • Parents can view the kids’ progress easily by setting up a family account if they have Fitbits


  • VTECH KIDIZOOM SMART WATCH is a great smartwatch for entertainment because it performs best with games and apps. This watch will cost $42.88
  • It is not water-resistant and does not include the facility of GPS.
  • It consists of fifty choices of clock designs
  • The life time of the battery is better than in FITBIT ACE as VTECH KIDIZOOM SMARTWATCH will help you in many ways for two weeks without a requirement of charging the battery
  • This smartwatch allows you to take pictures and video clips using the camera.
  • The clock designs are perfect compared to the watches. They come in both analog and digital models
  • You can download and install your favorite apps and games here.
  • In conclusion, this watch provides many benefits for its users at a very cheaper price.


  • KURIO WATCH 2.0 comes at a cheaper price like $35.98. It is much similar to smartphones
  • This smartwatch does not provide you GPS facilities, and it is not water-resistant too. But it includes another important function. It allows you to send messages and provides many other facilities
  • You can enjoy it with the media player too
  • The battery of KURIO WATCH 2.0 will last for three days according to a normal rate of usage
  • This device has a big storage capacity. So, you can keep many apps here


  • You can gift this watch by spending $48.56
  • This is a water-resistant device, and the battery of it will last for 3 to 4 days
  • This is a great smartwatch to gift a kid because it has many useful functions for them
  • The watch has the ability to teach skills. For instance, it helps to tell the time, and it teaches the importance of nutrition too
  • It provides the user with a virtual pet. So, the kid must feed it to score points there. Do not be scared to present this watch to your kid because this device does not encourage them to play too much time with it. It includes parental control. So, it limits the time that they play with the watch


  • TENCENT KIDS SMARTWATCH has a battery which lasts for eight days, and it is water-resistant
  • This is a well-developed tool. It ensures the safety of kids by providing the facility of GPS
  • So, the parents have the opportunity to keep in touch with their kids by clicking just one button
  • It has another special option here. You can decide a certain area where the kid has permission to play or walk. The smartwatch allows you to set an alert to notify you if the kid enters a prohibited area.

Give a smart gift for your smart kid!


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